Charles’s University Tuition – GBP 150

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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Charles Obuk and I’m a second year University student enrolled to attend Makerere University, Uganda for three years. I’ve worked very hard over the last five years to pursue my passion of becoming an economist. I have completed my first year at the University on May 20th, 2018 on a sponsorship. I have been and still excited to discover all the opportunities my experience at Makerere University  offer.

I’m the first in my village to study at college and to be at University and, that’s why I’m an inspiration to all the young children in the village, and, they look up to me. I can’t afford to shatter their hope.

Apart from my academic studies, I enjoy acting drama, reading novels and articles, and doing everything to support my mother. I like to take my friends to conferences and youth workshops such as a behavioral change program and when I can help the Butterfly Project – a project which empowers gifted and talented young people in Uganda. My friends and family mean  the world to me.

I served as an information prefect, chairman students’ association at my ordinary level school and a senior discussant for history and economics at ‘A’ level. I currently lead a group discussion in my class.

I’ve also trained in social entrepreneurship and problem solving, through the Butterfly project.  And, I have a number of projects under my belt already. I started the children’s village library, the drama for change project and the Young Achievers Club Uganda. I have been able to do all these because I have a passion to create change and to make the world a better place to live in.

I’ve also been part of the Ashoka Youth Venture (AYV), East Africa and now an alumni. I attended the AYV booth camp in Nairobi, 2014.

Why am I making this campaign?

After five years of hard work, dedication, and focus I discovered that my Financial Aid package left me with a gap. I have been on sponsorship through the Butterfly project, Chrysalis Limited Uganda since 2011. However, my sponsor, through the patronage of the Butterfly project, is soon retiring and has lowered on the amount of his contribution to GBP 125 per semester. I have over the holiday worked hard and made a personal savings of about GBP 110. And, there is still a short fall of 150 on the tuition. I also want to start rearing pigs for sustainability such that I will not have to ask again or ask for a very small amount, but, this requires an additional amount of GBP 50.

This GoFundMe will give me the opportunity to continue my university education; something that I never saw as a possibility because it would be a heavy financial burden on my family. As a child raised by a single mother, I worked very hard to take advantage of every opportunity presented to me to lessen this burden and to inspire all the children in my village. With days left before I hit the deadline for making payment of tuition, I now ask for YOUR support.

Any and all contributions help ensure that my dream of graduating with my bachelor’s degree in economics and giving back to my family, my school, and my community.

My family, the Butterfly project and I thank you for your generous support!

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